About Me

Mrs. Ashwini Vaidya a culinary expert is conducting her cooking classes at Thane. Started as a interest, Ashwini a keen student, over a period of time have developed the cooking classes of various cuisines with the authentic, and her own receipies. Always working on new recipes,she has developed various courses through continuous experimentation &updating which imparted a unique &creative touch to her recipes.

Born & brought up in Kolhapur a cultural place of Maharashtra and well known for its own culture & cuisine, Ashwini during her stay at various places in India and outside India have tried to capture the intricacies of the cuisine from Various regions, from local community members and professional chefs.

Always receptive to new ideas and innovative by nature ashwini had developed blend of courses from typical and traditioanal Indian style to authentic continental and chinese type of cuisine. She was invited to deliver talks on all India Radio and also to perform on regional marathi tv channels. She has judged the recipes contests conducted by Mahila Mandals and writes articles on cooking in reginal newspapers.

Over a period of time she has developed new courses and the course contents have been continuously modified and updated to the tastes of all sections including housewives, working women, students, newly wedded as well as retired ladies. The feedback she receives helps her to work on new courses and receipes and today the number of courses stands at 71 while there are many new batches waiting to be introduced which are only done once exact measurements & diligent screening of tasting is done. This has resulted in so many requests coming in either to repeat a existing course or to introduce a new one as per the convenience of both housewives or working ladies and sometimes at a certain period of year.To cater to this request and without changing a declared schedule a batch of EXISTING course can be taken if minimum 10 ladies confirm their attendance by e-mail,telephone or add a comment in the visitors book kept in the class. This request can be considered while scheduling the upcoming schedule or a new date can be added to the existing one but without changing the ALREADY DECLARED ONE. Booking will be treated as confirmed only against full payment. 

For this booking please e-mail to me at asprad2@yahoo.com or call me on 022-21724590 / 9969781762.